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Spring is definitely in the air, but not in the temps. So I decided to kick off my tournament year with a small, CPR inshore tournament (MBKFA spots or dots tournament). For some odd reason, the tournament directors scheduled this tournament the day off a neap tide (slow tide movements and multiple tides in one day), a full moon, and a harddddddd east wind. This is a recipe for fish to have lock jaw. Seeing this, I entered the tournament anyway, just to support the local vibe around here. I hit the water at first light and began to troll for bull reds because it was too rough to actually fish the way i wanted. I set the downrigger to 20′ on one bait and just let the other bait troll wherever it wanted. It was a long hour before the downrigger had any change. seeing it come unclipped I investigate, ahhh, just snagged the bottom. In this cluster or trying to get it back to normal, my other rod starts screaming and I knew I had my winning fish by 8am and could get out of the rain and wind lol. Well this wasnt the case, after a quick few seconds of screaming drag, the fish let go, and with the conditions, I knew that was my only shot at a fish all day. I fished till around 11am and unfortunately some health issues forced me off the water ending my day a little early. Oh well, all you want is that one shot and I had it. Till next time, tight lines fellow JK team.