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This year we got decent snow pack in Idaho, so as the snow starts to melt the rivers will start to rise and we should have good flows this summer for the the North Fork Championships and the Payette River Games in June.

Here is an edit that my friend Shane Hatch put together of one of our low water (about 300 cfs) trips this winter on the middle section of the North Fork of the Payette. (it is a little long but shows the rapids well at this level) It was my first time running Jacobs Ladder and learning the lines on the middle just waiting for the water to come up. It was a little cold but we had a great time. I was able to run the upper 10 a few weeks ago around 1100 cfs before leaving to come to the Jackson Team Summit. This low water trip helped learn the lines and be ready for higher water. There is definitely a progression to learning the lines on the North Fork.

Shane is in the Yellow Jackson Rocker, my Dad is in the Karma L. I paddle the Zen 55 while creeking and in big water and I love how easy it is for someone my size to handle (I am 5′ 4″ and 85 lbs wet). It is really quick and lets me go where I need to go. I really like the shots that Shane was able to get using the JK Levator GoPro Mount.

I am looking forward to being able to paddle the North Fork more this spring and summer and hope to see many of you in Idaho this summer.