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I recently found myself on another road trip south, but in early spring I always love getting a taste of the warmer weather. For this trip we had the GPS set on the Florida Keys with Drew Gregory, Jameson Redding, and camera man Danny Kirsic we hit the road early leaving behind sub 30 temps. En route to film an episode of Drew Gregory’s upcoming TV Show, ” Hooked on Wild Waters”, we made a pit stop in the Miami area that started with a Burrito at Moe’s and ended with some exciting pond side peacock bass fishing, or should I say catching. We didn’t have long to stop, but JK Prostaffer Alex Tejeda, gave us the 411 on a place we could catch a few peacock bass. And sure enough, the cove he took us to was filled with several peacocks. They were up shallow getting ready for the spawn, and were super aggressive. The sun was high and bright, producing a pretty tough glare on the water. Any time you are sight fishing, good polarized lenses are a must. Recently, I’ve been using Smith Optics and with their new ChromaPop technology, it makes a huge difference when sight fishing, and even for everyday use. I do prefer to use brown or amber lenses for most of my fishing, especially sight fishing because they allow more light to enter your eye and increase the contrast between light and dark shapes on the bottom, helping me to find the fish and structure more easily.  Since they were guarding their beds, I used a soft plastic paddle tail bait and would continually swim it by the area they were guarding. Eventually they would get over protective and thrash the bait swimming by. With a little help from my Smith ChromaPop shades, and my 13 Omen Green rod, I was able to haul in a handful of fish before we had to get back on the road.