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Season started last week in France, with our first event in Saint Pierre de boeuf. It was the first year of this awesome event where you can obviously kayak, but also SUP, slack line and.. chill!

The freshly created team France rocked the Rock Star with podium in all categories, et a bunch of young chargers between 13 and 17 years old throwing Mcnasties and huge air loops.


In the senior, we had a lot of top contenders with Sebastien Devred, Joaquim Fontane, Mathieu Dumoulin and many others. That was a great competition with some worlds finalists, medalists (our great Nuria Fontane, silver medalist in NOC), ex and in title European champions (Mathieu Dumoulin and Quim Fontane), so the show was incredible!

The features in St Pierre is great. You have 2 different play holes with 2 very deferent styles, and the competition started on the bottom hole and finished on the top on sunday. It’s awesome to spend time on the water beside the competition, warm up and every thing.

Here is Mat’s ride who got the highest score of the weekend!