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and the plight of an Aussie shoe lover

Canada Goose Jackets Living in Australia it is basically impossible to see the shoes in person, let alone try them on. Getting the size wrong is even more financially damaging for me considering the higher postage prices and return postage prices. After missing out on some great Ebay/Grailed deals, and being unable to get on Leffot make ups (they don offer refunds), I decided to order any 11.5D canada goose outlet belgium Alden Longwing that I could find, try on, canada goose vest outlet and then return. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose clearance Basically, it really sucks canada goose outlet montreal being in Australia and falling in love with North American shoes. canada goose clearance

canada goose clearance sale It canada goose outlet winnipeg address yesterday received the END Clothing Alden Kudo Longwing in the mail. I was expecting 11.5D, though canada goose outlet uk sale I canada goose outlet vancouver actually received 11.5E (I assume because that is the UK standard width). The leather is nice whilst being quite casual in appearance. There was a variance in colour, with some areas appearing noticeably than other. I would describe the leather as canada goose outlet black friday sale having a matte appearance. The sole is crepe which canada goose parka outlet uk I don really love, but I got these really just got these to try the Barrie last for size. The stitching finishing wasn overly impressive (photos of this). This stitching also appears to be done differently than on a lot of other Longwings. canada goose clearance sale

When I tried them on, I felt the shoes fit quite canada goose outlet uk fake well, if a bit canada goose outlet store uk generously with thin socks. However when I saw how they looked, I found they looked pretty big on me. I have quite big feet (pretty much size 12) for my height (almost 6 foot), and these chunky Gunboat Longwings canada goose parka outlet looked a bit stupid on me. I love the look of these shoes, so canada goose outlet toronto factory I was pretty canada goose outlet in canada crestfallen.

cheap Canada Goose This shows why they look big on me, Alden Longwings with their construction are bigger than my low quality footwear. I still want these shoes, so now I am considering ways to alleviate this issue. These areas I think can be improved. cheap Canada Goose

The thick crepe sole; I think a leather sole would be thinner and less bulky on my foot sole comparison photo

Canada Goose online The thicker welt; It canada goose uk seems in pictures that other Alden Longwings have a slimmer welt welt comparison photo 1 (welt comparison photo 2 Canada Goose online

canada goose black friday sale The welt contrast; The non contrast welt on other Alden Longwings I believe would decrease the size/presence of the shoes canada goose black friday sale

The length; My toe doesn come to the end of the shoe so I possibly could size down to 11 photo

Canada Goose Parka Before I tried these on I had my eyes on the 11D Cigar Longwings on ShoeMart or some 11.5D Color 8 Longwings on Ebay. How the shoe looks on your foot is irrelevant to getting a properly sized shoe (though it might be relevant to whether you want to wear the style of shoe at all). Canada Goose Parka

Toe room means nothing, as long as you have enough of it. Though it might mean you just don like the look of the last and just shouldn buy that style of shoe. When you are putting all of your shoes side by side, you are comparing the overall length of the shoe, which is wrong. I can stress enough how many people do this. I also can stress enough how much people need to not do this. A lot of canada goose outlet trillium parka black people canada goose outlet usa say canada goose outlet washington dc “these shoes are too long, look how much room is in front of my toes” and then size down. What sizing down will do is put the ball of your foot in canada goose outlet winnipeg front of the flex canada goose outlet jackets point of the shoe, and each step will drive your toes into the front of the box (yes, sizing down will actually make it feel like your foot is moving around inside the shoe more).

canada goose deals What you need to compare is the length from the heel to the flexpoint of the shoe (that the spot on the inside edge of each shoe where it looks like the ball of your foot should go). From a quick look at your lineup, these shoes look like they fit about the same as your other shoes, length wise. canada goose deals

Canada Goose Outlet Width is tougher to assess. canada goose outlet store near me Does your foot feel like it being held snuggly on the sides? People often go too narrow, but the best way to check width being proper (in my experience) is to stand on one foot, so that all your pressure is on that foot and it spreads out as much as possible. Can you feel both sides of the shoe on your foot without it hurting? When you have no pressure on the foot, can you feel both sides of the shoe on your foot? When you lift your foot and wiggle it around, is the shoe flopping around on your foot, canada goose jacket outlet sale or is it more or less being held in place? When you take a step, can your toes splay outward without feeling like canada goose outlet store new york the shoe is pushing them into place? Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose sale If you answer yes to those questions, and the flex point is in the right spot, canada goose outlet vip then the shoes fit perfectly, regardless of how they look. Canada Goose sale

buy canada goose jacket cheap FWIW, based on how they look laced canada goose factory outlet vancouver up, and how they look compared to your other shoes, my guess is you sized them absolutely perfectly. The welt stitching isn much to worry about. It what I was hoping for from the experienced GYW guys. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose store I remember you saying something about the flex point a while ago and from what you said, I think the size of these are bang on for length and width. It now an issue of me not liking how the shoes look. canada goose store

canada goose coats on sale The picture with the other shoes was just to demonstrate why I was feeling they looked too big. It wasn about me thinking my shoes were sized too long. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose coats I remember being surprised that DM didn do the usual Aussie retail markup, at least not to the customary unreasonable canada goose outlet germany levels I encountered before brick retail still has its costs after all. canada goose coats

canada goose Then again, if you in the market for handgrade C Edward Greens, Cleverly or canada goose outlet in uk JLP then 50 bucks here or there doesn really canada goose outlet mean much, does it? Still, credit to them IMO. canada goose

canadian goose jacket One note OP on Shoemart, or any other US based Alden retailer: you are out of luck if you don have a US canada goose jacket outlet shipping address. They aren allowed to ship Alden boots out of the USA under pain of pain from canada goose outlet seattle Alden. Thank you Alden, for making it so easy for me to cross you off the list. Their retailers have all the interesting models, and their own site charges 130USD for international postage slow international postage that they probably outsource to some horrible re shipper A do the same, better to buy these off Amazon if you interested. I considered one of the usual re shippers most canada goose jacket outlet uk in this country use canada goose outlet phone number to get around the “Australia Tax”, but then the only special model I wanted went out of stock. Shell. Not going to be back for a while. No more Alden for me canadian goose jacket.