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The easiest and fastest way to do this, is filling the spaces you’re sure of, and then adding more lines according to the other ones. If you’re crossing the word limit (if there is one) shave off a few unnecessary lines. Hyphens will help you here. Taking its name from Metabolic Conditioning, the Metcon 4 provides stable footing and support for weight lifting, sprints, rope climbs, sled pushes and pretty much every other hellish exercise a CrossFit workout is likely to throw at you. Such is its adaptability that it’s become ubiquitous on gym floors around the country, but Nike didn rest on their laurels. The Metcon 4 still has a durable rubber outsole (think rope climbs) and underfoot cushioning, but its durability has been improved thanks to the rubberized protection given to high wear areas like the toe box and side panels.

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