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After being given some local beta and finding out about high water levels on the Connecticut River, we discovered a wave was in near the Dinosaur Footprints in Massachusetts. EJ and I quickly loaded into the mini and Jessie Stone followed us on our search. We pulled into a small cark park beside the river to find Elaine Campbell also just unloading to surf this little known wave.
The water was cold, the wind consistent, and the people excited.

The higher the water gets the better it is I’ve been told. We each took our turns and had to walk back up after each ride as more paddlers continued to show up.
It was a fun wave, with a good surfers right shoulder, which fluctuated between flat and steep with a moving ridge.
We spent a few hours here having a good time throwing down in our Rockstars!! And hopefully we will be back later this week with even higher water after all this rain!

Here’s a quick edit of our fun times before the battery died…

Stay warm and have fun on the water!

Courtney Kerin