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Having to cancel a river campout due to the severe storms that were approaching from the west, a friend took me fishing on a private stretch of river near his house. Launching the Coosa with a slight rain falling I worked down one of the banks tossing a popper with my 5wt Loop fly rod.

It didn’t take long for the popper to start producing as I worked it around the grass lines.

Paddling through a small opening in a creek and ducking under the tree limbs, the water opened up and I made a cast to a patch of grass. Seeing a dark figure approach and short strike the popper I gave it another pull and got a reaction strike from the returning bass. After a reel screaming fight I was finally able to wear her out and take a few pictures before releasing her to fight another day.

I was wearing a PFD. It is a inflatable fanny pack by ONYX outdoors. I feel it is important to be safe when on the water. Anything can happen.

Later in the day the weather started turning and I pulled out an 8wt and tied on a crawfish pattern Cajun Cheerleader. This presentation seemed to be the ticket as a dozen more bass came to hand to finish the day.

Take a friend fishing.

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