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For the third year in a row, Dane Jackson brings home the top honours at this year’s Whitewater Grand Prix, held in Canada.  At the conclusion of the 6 stage event, Dane paddling the Rockstar and Karma, held on to the first place position, with Rush Sturges in second followed by Joel Kowalski.  Nick Troutman came a close 4th making the top 4 paddlers ALL in Jackson Kayak boats!  Rush paddled the event in a Rockstar and Karma as were as Joel and Nick.

The Whitewater Grand Prix’s 6 stages spanned most whitewater disciplines and added exponential risk in the spring flood conditions of the Ontario and Quebec watersheds being used.  Two of the stages were freestyle stages, the balance being differing river running sets.  The freestyle events were held on some of the largest standing waves seen in organized competition.  Athletes had to get to the waves and then surviving the ride they had from the sheer power of the flow.  The river running competition pitted competitors against some of the most epic flows seen with massive, churning rapids playing havoc with paddlers as they raced.

Dane held the top spot from the second event onwards, never looking back taking the final event and the Championship.

Here are some videos of the Grand Prix: