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2014 Rock Star made available in carbon in Europe !


Hi all !


We’ve been working on this exciting project all winter. We wanted to complete our awesome range with a carbon version of the Rock Star in Europe as Murky waters makes them for the USA/Americas.


We contacted Guigui Prod for it, as he’s probably the one that has the most experience in carbon made freestyle kayaks. We worked to adapt the very confortable JK outfitting to a carbon version. We’ve been able to design the same outfitting with all the plastic replaced with carbon. Only the back strap is different as the JK was putting too much force on the carbon cockpit.


At the moment we only have it available in carbon but we hope to be able to mold the other sizes too if we have enough demands ! Guigui can also adapt the size of the medium boat molded,highering or lowering the boat on demand.


The boat is 8.5/9 kilos weight, same weight and construction of Guigui Prod boats. With the Rock Star design i feel like i have the best boat with the best construction !!


The Rock Star is now declined in 3 constructions : Plastic, Competition and carbon. It let you guys choose exactly what you need. For my kayaking, i’m using the competition version for big waves (gives you a good mix of response and confort/forgiveness) and big or shallow holes (like world cup in Sort) ; and the carbon version for competitions in small holes like world cups in Millau and Salt.


You can order the design you want, but talk to Guigui for that, you need to figure out what is possible to do with Guigui’s technique.


The price of the boat is 1 780 Euros, which is similar to other carbon boats prices.


If you want to step up your game to a competition weapon for this year international events, that is what you need : the world champion boat with the best carbon construction available !

Check out their walkthrough….