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Hatched a plan with my eight year old daughter Valentina to go out fishing on the kayak together. She was super excited and so was I!! Got her up bright and early and headed down to the beach and paddled out on the Cuda14 into calm seas.

Right off the bat she hooked into a nice ling but it came off right at the yak! Then she caught two frying size blacks, and released a handful of littler rockies. Bite got slow then and she got bored and cold so we went to a side beach to stretch our legs and hunt for pretty shells. Paddled back out and were treated to a whale show! Bite turned back on and she caught and released two underlings and added a bunch of rockies to the stringer.

Now that she was catching fish she wanted to catch more!! Moved one more time and right away we got hit HARD!! She wrestled to the fish to the surface and it was a monster 23 inch 9 pound cabbie!!!! I’ve never caught a cabbie that big on hook and line, and it fought like a pitbull but she did great!! After a few more rockies, her drag takes off screaming and she reels up a beautiful 32 inch ling!!! After the ling I could tell she was beat so we paddled in and she jumped off the kayak and swam the last 10 yards into shore.

She proudly displayed her catch to folks at the beach, and fell asleep as soon as we started driving home. So proud of her!!