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I decided to explore some other fishing techniques than spinning from kayak. Springtime in my country means that fishing for predatory fish is not allowed. All predators are protected during their spawning season.

So I went out for some float fishing and found out that yes, the Big tuna is a perfect craft for float fishing. Here is a photo story about a nice day on the water with Karel from JK team. First, for float fishing you need some groundbait. We used a local brand. Very sticky mix so that it does not get washed away by the current.

the mix for the day, sweetcorn and sticky groundbait plus a few pellets and maggots

Tackle of the day, some 5g floats and a 13ft float rod

The Big tuna easily takes all the float fishing tackle, let’s now scan the bottom and find a nice spot to bait up!

anchor trolley with a BIG snap, very important for quick release

Baiting up a spot, big advantage of a kayak for float fishing is being close to your groundbait

You will need a long landing net, at least a half of your rod length. the small table is also neat

the bait


fishing side saddle is very comfy for float fishing

caught a carp too.

I will dedicate some more time to float and feeder fishing from my kayak in the near future. Video coming soon so stay tuned