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Fishing for bass is often fishing where you think you can place your lure.    Bass don’t really care where you can cast to, they only care that they have good cover to hide in and attack and eat unsuspecting prey.    This is often way deeper into the brush than a boat can go… but a kayak, that is another story in most cases.   Check out this video that shows thick standing brush in southern Georgia in March.     Casting into it is easy.  Getting your lure to touch the water long enough to catch something and not get hung up is another thing.    A standard 3/8 ounce spinner bait is the ticket as it is heavy and almost 100% weedless in this type of brush.    A frog is fun to fish if you don’t mind teasing the fish by hovering it 3 feet off of the water most of the time.

check out this video showing what I am talking about in action: