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I just got this story from Bart Swab of Action Kayak Adventures. He is one of our fantastic JK fishing guide services.

My daughter, wife, and I completed in the Jacksonville Kayak Classic yesterday. It was a blast. My wife was in a Cuda,and my daughter and I rocked the BigTuna.
The Tuna was a huge plus for us. Melea my daughter is a very good fishergirl for her age.

I bait her up and she usually takes care of the rest. When she hooked in to the 22in redfish I knew she had a good fish for the tournament.After a 5min fight and a few pics, we released the fish,and headed over to a flounder hole in the backwater of St.Augustine.

The bite was almost nonexistent. She thought she had a oyster on but once her line made it to the kayak and darted under the kayak, I yelled flounder and grabbed the net to land a nice 13in flatty. This is where it got tough. We had to get a trout and it was midday. Historically, not a great time to catch Spotted Sea trout. We changed locations and started trolling some plastics. We didn’t have much time to fish,so we set a distance and time. Just as we reached the mile mark we set to turn around, her reel started sounding. I know I was excited,I nearly turned the Big Tuna over to land that 16in trout,and I didn’t even think that was possible get the Tuna to do that Lol. To be safe,we rushed to shore to take a few pics,release the fish,and started back to the ramp.

Melea Victoria Swab,my daughter won the (Junior Anglers division) with the tournament’s first junior in the 10 plus years of the tournament to catch a Slam. 52Inches total. I’m very proud of her,and stoked to have such a nice tandem kayak to take her out on. Did I mention she is only 8. The division goes to 18.
Thanks for all the help.
Feel free to use pictures and story for JK.
Bart Swab