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A little over a month ago, I bought my 4th kayak. A 2014 Jackson Kilroy in desert camo. As a kayak fisherman for about 4 years now, I realized that I preferred fishing from a sit in kayak vs. the more popular sit in kayak. The Kilroy is my second JK kayak; the first being a Coosa.

There are several reasons why I immediately fell in love with the Kilroy.

1. Tons of storage
2. Very stable
3. Tracks very well
4. Fast, nimble kayak
5. Comes pre rigged with 2 gear tracks – I didn’t have to add on my own
6. The front console is genius! I can store small tackle boxes, throw lures & flies on the foam.
7. Interior rod holders are great

I can go on and on. There’s nothing I dislike about this kayak. Here are a few of my blog posts about my new JK Kilroy!

Thanks Jackson for being an outstanding company and for providing such a superior product!