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The Madison wave is so fun to surf that the wait in-between your last surf and next can be excruciating. This for me is truth because of shear excitement, energy and potential for something to take place there, out on the wave you did not expect.


I was finishing my last three shifts before a long over due vacation last week. Watching the gauges go up to a prime level wondering if it would come in, it did and then blew out with big ice and wood. All I could do was hope for the Kennebec at Madison to drop back in to 20k.

Thursday of last week was my final day at work and I bet I was barley able to focus as I was already gone on my vacation. Short timers disease almost. My co-workers told me to leave early and I grabbed my stuff and ran out of the hospital.

The wave at Madison looked like it was going to drop back in but we would have to wait for Friday morning to see, fingers crossed I woke and looked at the gauges.

Exhausted from three twelve hour shifts I am now scrambling around my house for paddling gear/cameras, food and trying to wake up. Breakfast while packing the car, on the phone hoping to find someone who is off work on this Good Friday.

Chuck and Josh are already there when Jane and I paddle down to the wave. You can tell the level is perfect and so is the weather and company. We hang for three 3 to 4 hours the wave stays in. It drops as we are there but is still a mint surf.

It has been since last year in June? since I have been there, we have had many a fall sessions there but I don’t think so as last fall was so dry up here in Maine. Then it got brutally cold in November. This Madison wave comes in usually in the fall with the cold rains but it was a strange fall last year, a long winter this year and a slow start spring.

Now it’s on up here! Good Friday was an epic way to start my vacation, a weekend with family and friends for Easter and more paddling.

I went back this week to Madison and hung out with a bunch of paddlers, stood on the rock beside the wave and shot pictures, froze and surfed. That’s two day’s there, two sick days of throwing around the Rock Star.