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The SUPercharger is a unique addition to the SUP world.  On the flats it performs like other super stable beginner boards.  When the waves increase the rocker in the front rides them out as good as or better than other boards of similar lengths.  Where the charger excels is in moving water and rapids.


With the solid plastic construction, large sidewalls, rocker profile, and full length pad the SUPercharger can handle anything you throw at it.  As a kayaker I noticed right away that you can ferry, peel out, and catch eddies by leaning and edging just like in a kayak.  Although the charger doesn’t surf as well as other river surf specific boards, it does much better than you would think; think longboard versus short board surfing.  Taking the dog downriver on class I-II or spicing up the local class II-III, the SUPercharger is a fun river running alternative.