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This was our first time ever at the Golden Games. It was so much fun! Dally, Kenny, Brody, Grady, Cardy and I all competed in lots of events.

There were lots of SUP competions. My favorite was the SUP Freestyle. Everyone had so much FUN! Dally, Kenny and Cardy got the award for Most Style in the shortest surf. They did a hand stand while they were surfing! It was so awesome! I placed 2nd in the Women’s because I managed to surf backwards. There was also a SUP Downriver Race that we all did. Brody bombed all the holes on the Jackson SUPercharger! I placed first in women’s and we dont know what place everyone else came out in because we missed the awards.


I got first place in the Women’s Freestyle event! I was so stoked because I had scored my first Felix in the competition. I had just learned it at the end of last summer and was trying to do it at the World Championships, but I never completed the move so it was not scored.

All my brothers competed in the Junior freestyle. Brody got 2nd place, Grady got 3rd, Dally was 4th, Kenny was 5th and Cardy got 7th. It was a very tricky hole because it was so shallow and it was almost impossible to do a loop. On the plus side it made you be creative and work on throwing end after end. Which was a lot of fun! Brody did a Tricky Woo and everyone else did a lot of combo cartwheels and splitwheels.


Grady and Brody went up to Screaming Quarter Mile and ran the creek race. They did awesome. Grady placed 6th and Brody placed 9th out of 27 boaters . They are really getting in to creeking and seem to be focusing a lot more of their time in this area of boating!


Then finally, there was the SUP Slalom/Cross. Brody and I were the only ones in our family who did this. For the Women’s we all went one at a time and I got 3rd place. Brody got 3rd as well. His class was more of a SUPcross with three SUPers at a time.


This was a great start for the Colorado tour! I can’t wait until next year and I hope we go to the Golden Games again. For now we are off to Buena Vista, CO for Paddlefest!!