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The Playboating Bible project demystifies the freestyle paddling rules. So here are the latest few videos from the Playboating Bible demonstrating the ICF rules of playboating. This project is an attempt to bring every boater info on these moves to better understand what freestyle is all about, filmed on location at the World Championships, Nantahala River NC.

A big thank you to Nick Troutman, Jason Craig, Claire O’Hara, Ruth Gordon-Ebens, Eric and Dane Jackson for their help with creating this project and Kokatat for supporting it.

The Lunar Orbit
At least 180° horizontal angle rotation starting in front surf position and flowing into a back loop or back cartwheel.

Phonics Monkey
Pirouette initiated by a cross bow stroke in a front surf position and followed by a front loop in one fluid motion.

Clean Bonus
The paddle or hand may be used to start the move but can not be used during the rotation part of the move and until completion of the move. The paddle / hand must remain clearly unused.

The Spin
360° horizontal angle rotation of the boat at a 0°-45° vertical angle.

Cheers mate,
Jackson Kayak Coordinator of Karma