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Train Bridge in Background

Dominion River Rock Festival put on by the “Sports Backers” of Richmond, VA (Jon Lugbill, for those who remember this slalom legend), was another huge success with 100,000 people in attendance over two days and epic weather and water…   While warming up for the Freestyle event, I found two train bridge pilings that were only about 15 feet apart and the current lead from one to another.    I was able to do a front loop into a splat on the first bridge and the current took me off to the left towards the second bridge piling.    A 90 Degree turn while doing a stern stall to splat the second piling and ride it down to the end made for a super cool Urban kayaking freestyle session… Not often do you have man made structures to play with in a river…  Nice to see that skateboarders and bikers are not the only ones that can put cement to good use!   Meanwhile- walking up to the put-in, I ran into these street performers, who provided a great sound track for the video…

Check out this video…