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The Natural Games are just over, and even if a rain storm came Saturday night and turned off the party, i think every body will agree on the success of the event !

It was the first time that France welcomed a world cup, and Millau was the place for it. The Natural Games are a multi-sport event with kayaking, climbing, paragliding, biking and slack lining. Hanging out there is a blast as you get to meet so much different people from different sports but all so nice a passioned by the outdoor.

I don’t know exactly how many nations were there, but every body was pretty stoked on this number. There was a lot of people on the water, and more spectators again ! Hundreds of people came to see the finales and the athmosphere was so great !!!

The Jackson Team did so well i’m very proud of my guys ! Here are the podiums for this World cup #1 :

Les podiums :
En junior femme :
1 Nouria Fontane (Rock Star S)
2 Rowan Stuart
3 Emma Witherford (Rock Star S)

En junior homme :
1 Max Karlsson
2 Thomas Richard
3 Lane Delameulaener (Rock Star M)

En c1 :
1 Tad Dennis
2 Sebastien Devred
3 Jordan Poffenberger

En senior Femme :
1 Hitomi Takaku (Rock Star S)
2 Emily Jackson (Rock Star S)
3 Marlene Devillez

En senior homme :
1 Sebastien Devred
2 Dane Jackson (Rock Star M)
3 Mathieu Dumoulin (Rock Star M)

Next step in Salt, Spain, next week !

Good luck to all the JK team there !