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At the moment I am working 12 hour shifts every day of the week and no time off is killing me, so one evening a loaded all my gear into the car for the next day after work. I finished at 7 pm picked up my Cuda and had a 20 minute drive to Runswick bay.

Once again the forecast had changed it was a lot windier than predicted and the sea was flat so it was doable. My good mate joined me for the short evening session. The paddle out to the rough ground supprisingly didn’t take long wind assisted.

Setting the drouge and setting up a drift over a good mark that nearly always holds fish, but even with the drouge deployed the drift was still too quick. Persaverance payed off as the rod buckled with a fish on but came off soon after hooking up. After many many more drifts no more bites for me on the pirks, my mate lost a fish soon after I had on a shad but that was it.
The wind was torcher and decided to give up on this Mark and move over to another area that sometimes holds fish but not usually as productive, as it was under the shelter from the cliffs the drifts were much slower and first drop down resulted in a codling of about 2lb, unfortunately that was it, the light had just about gone and a short paddle back to the launch site.


Back on the beach the wind had never let down, without the rudder in it would have been so much harder a good desision to fit one. It was a tough evening but so glad I did it, work was forgotten for those few hours on the water.

Thanks for reading, Mike