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Headed up to Schooner’s Landing RV Park and Campground on the Albion River for our annual family camping trip.

Had 4 families (19 people total) this year and I was in charge of providing a fish dinner for all on Saturday so had my “work” cut out for me… ; )

Headed up Friday AM and the swell was moderate but wind was howling and the wind waves and chop were no joke….Cuda handled it great though!!

Tried to go find a spot I have dove in the past that had a ton of big blacks…couldn’t find the school, but did find a nice 30 inch Ling laying on top of a boulder so took him.

Then moved to an area I have never dove before and found some really nice structure and plenty of abalone, urchins, and decent sized rockfish for the fryer. Also got another nice 27 inch ling and then decided that conditions were getting a little too nasty to be out alone so headed back for more sheltered waters…

Landed on a cool little beach and tagged my abs, stretched my legs, sorted through fish and found some pretty shells for my daughter Valentina.

Back at camp I gifted all fish and abs to my uncle so I could go out on Saturday and get some more meat for dinner.

Wind was even worse, white capping inside cove, and didn’t feel comfortable paddling out too far alone.

Decided to go explore a sheltered looking stretch that I have never dove before and was pleasantly surprised!!

Great structure, varied depth, nice chunky abs and fat urchins everywhere, and got 2 more meaty lings! One 28 inches and one 31 inches.

After I shot the lings I popped my 3 abs and swam back to yak with the abs in my arms and the Lings on my belt stringer…

Dinner that night was off the hook!!

Abalone and Uni sashimi (my little daughter Jayme was making “sushi bombs” for all: seaweed square, little rice, chunk of ab or uni), whole fried rockfish, ling filets, rice, salad, cold beverages, smores around campfire for dessert.

Sunday we spent the whole day exploring the river and the beach and paddling and playing…great times for sure!!

Here are some pics and a vid.