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The next day we all went out on the river to fish as we wanted to stay local due to Greger arriving. Greger is a swedish jackson distributor and team member and was kind enough to supply us with the kayaks.

The ‘river’ was around 500 meters wide at the campsite and fairly shallow until you got about halfway out and it dropped to around 10 meters deep and the flow was a lot faster. I certainly would not have liked to capsize in it. It was in spey as only two weeks prior to our arrival the whole area was frozen over and the icemelt had made the river burst its banks. This also made the trout and grayling fishing impossible which was a pain as this was probably one of the best grayling fishing areas in the world. The fact the town South from us had a 100 foot high steel statue of a grayling and rod gave it away.

In one of the bays I managed to land a nice big fish. A quick photo and away it went.

The next bay down I hooked into another monster which managed to snap me off when I was trying to unhook it without being pulled into the rocks.

The day went on and we all had fish after fish with some nice double figure pike.

When Gregor arrived we were meeting at the communal dinner room as our guide Kalleh had made us all a special meal. Some sort of fish for starter and reindeer for main. This was all washed down with Klalleh’s  home made hooch made from beaver glands. It was very potent and tasted really smokey. One Shot was enough and Klalleh told us this was very very watered down as the potwnt stuff would kill us. Nice of him to tell us after we drank it.

After dinner we went out for a few hours fishing into the early hours of the morning all catching several nice fish again.

As the sun never sets at this time of year, the twighlight hours really show up some truely awesome sunsets and amazing colours. One of the highlights of my trip was to see these in real life and you lose yourself and any track of time.