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Today(24June2014) with absolute calm of wind I decide to go out fishing with my Cuda12 in the bay of Oristano(my hometown), the bay looks like the most eastern shores such as new jersey, long sandy beaches surrounded by brackish lagoons which produces a variety of fish but mainly Mullet..
So launch my yak on the water and go trolling to catch a Mackerel to rig..


The sea is pretty glassy and some seagulls  tell me where the fish are, quickly I reach the zone and some catch arrives trolling with a little soft eel but most are little Cudas which are not interesting for me I’m trying for  a mackerel! So I release them after a pic.

always trolling finally I found mackerel so I rig it and start trolling with livebait, the day goes to change and some wind starts onshore drifting me very quickly giving choppy conditions.. I’m undecided to stay or go home wen I feel a tug from behind and then nothing.. I retrieve the rest of the line, mackerel gone and my line cut. Blues are here for sure I thought.. so I put away trolling rod to play the spinning rod 🙂
after some cast whit a long jerkbait the fish is on and after a great fight I land it on my yak 😉

After this I decided to go home, sure there are others down there but let’s further fun for future. 😉