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I have long believed that fitness is one of the few areas that you can take charge of in your life that makes a huge difference in your quality of life.   Of course we all suffer from illness or injury in our lives, but both of these are better weathered if you are fit.

My motto in life is “Live well for yourself, so you can give yourself away to others.”   I  have tried to do this by sharing my kayaking techniques  (Strokes and Concepts, Rolling and Bracing, Playboating, and River Running)  by Book or DVD at a time when the best paddlers in the world were not sharing their techniques.   Slalom racers had a hold on the best skills in whitewater for a long time, but would retire without sharing what they knew, making that information lost forever… like ancient societies before there was the written word (He who does not write is no better than he who can not write).

I have been fortunate to be focused on personal fitness and the fitness of my team for many years.   I joined my first swim team at age 8 and swam competitively until 19.   Kayaking competitively since 20, and fitness has been a study of mine the entire time.   At 50 I am just as interested in my own personal fitness as I ever have, and no longer have all day, every day to focus on it.   I am now a businessman, father, husband, grandfather, fisherman, etc.. and fitness has to “FIT” into my schedule somehow.

Sharing my knowledge is one thing, but finding a solution to actually be your coach, running, lifting, kayaking, rowing, with you is something that I am very lucky to have found.    Pear Sports has combined tracking (heart rate, speed, distance, mapping, elevation, calories) and coaching.    The coaching part is where the coach records workout prompts that are downloadable on the Pear Sports App in the form of a specific workout.  (like my “Power Kayak” workout)    You have me in your earphones telling you to start, what to do, how fast to go, what your heart rate “zone” is, whether you need to go faster or slower, when to slow down, when to rest, and give important tips and motivation to make your workout go as good as it can.   In short, it is like I am there with you, coaching you on each workout.

I currently have 5 workouts recorded and ready for purchase- (they range from Free to $9.99).    Each one has a purpose and these 5 would be all you need to get into the best condition of your life.   I will be recording more this fall.

The 5 that are ready are (click on each one to see more about them)

1. Power Kayak-

2. Run/Push/Jump/Run

3. Fat Off/Muscle On

4. Power Kayak Mixer

5. Multi-Speed Cardio Blast- Treadmill workout- I don’t have a blog on that yet, but here is the Pear Sports app description

The good news is that you can download the Pear Sports App on  your iPhone or Android today at no cost and then download one of my workouts to try out.    However, if you don’t have the Pear Sports or similar BLUETOOTH heart rate monitor, you won’t get the tracking and personalize feedback on how you are doing.   This system is designed for using the heart rate monitor which gives you:

a. zone you are working out in (something that you can use after you do a calibration workout to get your current condition, and each workout has the coach tell you what zone  you are supposed to be in)

b. calories burnt

c. whether to go faster or slower than your are currently going.

To buy the Hardware (highly recommended!) which is $99 MINUS 25% if you are reading this on Jackson Kayak website- (Thanks Pear for extending a 25% discount to Jackson Kayak fans!!  – click here to buy: type the promo code ” Jacksonkayak ”   to get your 25% discount.

You can do the kayak workouts in just about any boat.  I am enjoying the Karma Unlimited for my lake workout boat.   It is fast, but the strokes still have enough resistance to make it a strength workout as well as an endurance workout.

Got to the “App Store” and download Pear Sports App today, get a few of my workouts and let’s start working out together!



p.s. let’s make 2014 our best year yet for having a body that is high performance!