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The second day in Blatnickelle was spent exploring the local river, and the local specialities.

The morning we cruised the river and everybody was pulling out the resident pike.

No monsters but plenty up to double figures in weight and all great fun.




Then in the evening our host Kalle, treated us to a dinner of local specialities.

The highlight of which is a home made hooch, distilled deep in the Swedish forests and flavoured with the glands of a very unfortunate beaver. We were told it turns boys to men, but really it inspired us to go kayak fishing, launching at 11pm and fishing under the midnight sun.
The atmosphere of paddling a glassy river in daylight at midnight has to be experienced to be believed.
And the fish loved it two. Everyone caught. I had five pike in a couple of hours. The best a fish of 93cm which actually attacked and would not release a 50cm pike that I was bringing in. It held on fast for 15 minutes just staying by the side of the yak. When it finally let go it only took a couple of casts to entice it back onto my hook where I finally managed to land it.
Day two done and the scenery and fishing just gets better and better.  The question is  will day three be even more spectacular ?