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Most of the cooking is done by the mothers in the family. She has probably many wonderful recipes from her mom and grandmother that she would like to use. However, most of the ingredients the recipe calls for have gluten in them. Defending champion Roger Federer was knocked out of Wimbledon after South Africa’s Kevin Anderson roared back from two sets down to win a thrilling quarter final clash on Wednesday. Open final last year, saved a match point in the third set before recovering to beat the Swiss top seed 2 6 6 7(5) 7 5 6 4 13 11 after four hours and 14 minutes on Court One. The 32 year old Anderson will next face American John Isner, who overcame Canada’s Milos Raonic 6 7(5) 7 6(7) 6 4 6 3 in the battle of two of the biggest servers in the men’s draw.

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