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The Oceanic Bridge region of the Navesink River typically holds very large fluke (Summer Flounder) as they come into the river every spring to spawn. As the days warm up fishing gets better and better. With its high cliffs and extravagant mansions overlooking it the area is a very unique place to fish. 
Arrived around 8 am to meet up with a fellow kayak fisherman. Unloaded my Jackson Cuda 14 and geared up for a day of fishing!

Reports for Fluke in the river were strong the weekend prior and we were eager for a good result. Dropped in on a small sandy beach at a local park in Rumson New Jersey. Started a drift bottom fishing a small channel on the south east side of the bridge. Choice of rig was a 1 oz white Spro bucktail with a 6″ white gulp swimming mullet and a high dropper loop with a 5/0 Gamakatsu Octopus hook tipped with a Power Team Lures Chartreuse Grub.

Fishing was slow all morning a few fish 16″ and under. In New Jersey 2014 Regs is 18″ and five fish. Soon after 9 AM there was a police boat that showed up and was boarding everyone. They actually didn’t bother me or even stop by. They boarded just about every boat checking their catch. After about 8 hours of fishing was able to land a 19″er finally! Really glad I didn’t decide to give up for the day. At this point in time i was just tired of being rocked all day by boat traffic and the wind had become stronger. It was time to call it a day. It was great to get out and use my new Aqua-bound Spindrift Carbon Paddle. Was able to really put it to the test! The performance is amazing. Paddling the low angle style I have found causes less fatigue. Meaning longer days on the water fishing.


Pairing the Aqua-Bound Spindrift Carbon with the Jackson Cuda 14 creates a lethal pair that the fish have no chance due to its stealthiness. The cuda 14 glides through the waves.

If you are in the New Jersey area and would like to go kayak fishing for fluke please feel free to contact me!





Matt Trucks

Jackson Kayak Fishing Team Pro Staff