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This year I was able to do the Homestake Creek Race at the Gopro Mountain Games! We got there a few days before the race to get some practice laps in, and the first thing I did was walk the course with EJ while watching Dane run some laps. Then I did a couple laps with Hunt Jennings where we broke it down into 3 sections (top, middle, and bottom). We then did some laps on the top and middle section. Hunt went to take a break so I did a middle lap with Mathieu Dumoulin. My runs had been really clean on the upper and middle so I decided to follow him down the bottom section. It went really well and I practiced every day leading up to the race!

We got there early the day of the race, but I decided not to do a practice run. Finally, after all of the safety was set up, it was time to race. There were 8 women and we had two qualifying runs and one run for finals (we cut to 5 for finals). I was really nervous at the top of my first run, but it still went really well with only one small mess up in the middle mank section. I was 7th after my first run and it was time for my second run, it went super well and I had a perfect run through Leap of Faith (the last and hardest drop). My combined times put my into 5th place going into finals! I was the first racer to go in finals and I was super excited now! My run was awesome, putting me in second place (Kristine also said I was the first JK woman to podium in the race)! Thanks to all the safety and race organizers and a huge thanks to everyone who helped me down!