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The final leg of our Lapland trip was to explore the Aman River system. The river glides slowly through the forest for miles and miles occasionally opening up into huge reed fringed lakes with depths of up to 40m

Unlike our other venues this area is fished for food by the locals so we weren’t sure what to expect, but our minds were soon put at rest. Within minutes of launching we were into fish. Not large pike with most going to 60cm but huge numbers of them. I have never known so many pike and perch in a waterway and the difficulty in this area became not so much catching the fish as trying to get to the larger ones.

I spent two glorious days and nights drifting along the river surface fishing for the pike. This isn’t a method I have tried previously but I grew addicted to the visual aspect of watching a pike home into your lure as it skips along the surface and then erupts from the water as it engulfs it. My hook up rate wasn’t great but the excitement of watching take after take made up for that. I did manage many fish on this method with the best going to 85cm. Some days on this venue we were landing over 30 pike each with countless more lost.

Sam was the most successful of us in finding the larger pike having fish over 90cm each day, either on a casting fly or much to everyone’s joy on his home made rubber duck lure.

Three days passed all too quickly and then the trip was over. I know a great time was had by the UK guys and the drive back to Stockholm was a lot quieter that the drive north. However one thing we are all agreed on is that if ever the chance arises for us to fish Sweden again we will be there like a shot.