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It has been great 2 days on a new lake now. We are fishing a shallow lake that is literally full of boulders, sunken trees, stumps and other features. Some margins have reeds, some pockets between huge boulders, others are full of fallen trees, they look hundreds of years old.

The lake is huge and holds pike and perch. The colours on these fish are awesome. On the first day, David had his PB pike, caught it twice, broke of his wire trace the first time to be caught later on a different lure. We are catching around 10 beautiful big perch a day plus quite a few pike.

We mostly focus on perch since it is just too much fun

Anders, a local JK fan, in the middle of the boulder gradens

Sam and his best perch of the trip

Now it is the last day on this incredibly beautiful lake. Tomorrow we move to a new location. Lapland is treating us well so far.