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Took my young buddy Jesse out diving yesterday!

Great guy and he really needed some water therapy, so I decided to do my best to get him on a solid fish.

Found a NICE lingcod for him down in a crack at 36 feet.

Had him drop down while I lit it up with the dive light…unfortunately he missed it! Doh! : /

All good though, he was super stoked to see the big dinosaur and I know he will get it next time!

Took him to another area and he shot enough nice rockfish for his family.

While he was blasting away at schooling blue rockfish I explored the edges of the pinnacle and the boulder field down below at 58 feet. Found a monster olive…and missed it! Doh! : /

Jesse was pretty seasick by then and had to be back at work by noon so he headed in, and I decided to hit up one more spot to see if I could get a Hail Mary Ling to help make sure Jesse’s family had enough fish.

This area has some excellent structure and varied depth and I was lucky enough to find a 30+ inch Ling, a 28 inch Ling and an 18 inch cabezon in about half an hour. :smt004

Anyway, it was a fun little session and proud of Jesse for giving it his best shot!!

The Cruise12 coupled with an AquaBound MantaRay Carbon 250cm paddle made the 5+ mile roundtrip paddle a breeze!

Here’s a mini vid and a few pics.