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SUP/Surf World Meets Whitewater Kayak World (Kai and EJ)

SUP/Surf World Meets Whitewater Kayak World (Kai and EJ)

BIG Days of competition if you are doing SUP and Kayak.    Downriver race, Boatercross, SUP Cross, Freestyle,  8 Ball all in one day… THEN you do it all again today, and assuming you make finals, again tomorrow.    Clearly the most physically demanding river event on tour, with little time to do much other than move from one boat to another, one board to another and be ready to go hard against the world’s best competitors.    You hear about having the World’s best competitors at most of the events we go to, but here we have:


2013 World’s top 10 male freestyle paddlers (Dane, Peter, Tomas, Nick, Mattieu, EJ— 6 of 10 and the top three)


Top SUP paddlers from around the world from ocean and river…. (Today I am going to Teach Kai Lenny to kayak and he’ll surf my Rock Star on the main feature here after I teach him to roll!)


We did seeding runs in the Boatercross area, a Downriver race that took the field from 100 to 40 for SUP, a SUP Cross that took that field from 60 to 30,  and a freestyle comp that took the field down to top 10 in men and women for today’s semi-finals.


Today there will be live streaming of the event- hopefully on our website, but if you can’t find it on for any reason, go to to watch it.

Check out this aerial video of the course..


Freestyle Results here:

Look for Semi-finals results tonight, or watch live!