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The second leg of our Lapland journey brings us to Amsele, some 140km south east of Blattnicksele on the road to Umea. Close by are a chain of lakes connected by a small river system, here we found that the shallow ground and reeds held a lot of Pike.

The common tactic here was to fish weedless lures such as frogs and target the Pike sitting deep in the reed beds (jungle warfare!), I however mainly targeted the outer edges with the Pike flies or spinner on the Perch rod. The river connecting the lakes Holmtrasket and Yttresmatrasket was maybe only 1km in length and not very wide but it holds a lot of Pike, mainly small but great fun on the lightgear. Here you can drift down the river and land over 30 Pike plus the many Perch resident.

The reed beds and the entrance and mouth of the river also held plenty of Pike with the larger fish located on the outer edges again, here I had some nice 90cm+ Pike on a homemade surface lure. The reed beds and the entrance to the river produced some nice fish with me landing a fat 93cm Pike on the fly, my largest of the trip. I’m sure if we had more time we could of found some of the larger Pike but the smaller Pike kept us plenty entertained 🙂

Within in no time at all it was time to pack away the kayaks and fishing gear and make the trip back to the UK. All I can say is that Sweden really is a lovely place, the fishing was excellent and really hope to return one day soon.