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Before I headed to Sweden for 10 days of kayak fishing I held my annual predator grand slam event at Esthwaite in the UK. I took on this event in 2013, I run it as a 2 day match where competitors have to catch the 3 predators: Pike, Perch and Trout. Competitors have to measure the fish and the longest combined length wins.

Saturday morning arrived and after I held a quick match briefing it was time for everyone to get ready for the shotgun start, so with a bang (literally!) they were off!

Esthwaite isn’t a very easy venue but it contains some very big Pike so you always fish in hope one of the giants will appear. My first Pike showed some interest in a large 12″ softbait, unfortunately the Pike wasn’t much bigger! A switch to the spinner on the Perch rod did the trick and a small Pike was measured, photographed and returned. One down, two to go!

Next target was Perch, they weren’t to hard to find. another competitor (Dane) was hitting the Perch on the dropshot gear. Luckily everyone is super friendly and Dane kindly gave me a dropshot rig and within no time at all I was landing Perch. Largest was measured and returned safely. Later that day I managed another Pike but a little bigger at 27″.

Cooking with gas now! (as we say in the UK), so two down and only one to go and I still had all of day two to go. Easy!! Well, so I thought! 

Everyone that fished worms were catching plenty of Trout, great I thought I’ll just buy a tub of worms in the morning then I’ll be catching the Trout within no time. Sunday morning came and a slight problem to my plan, the shop had sold out of worms!! Mmmm, it’s ok I’m sure I’ll catch on the fly or spinner.

Well despite my 4am start I just couldn’t find any Trout, they weren’t interested at whatever I tried. The local fishing experts (Herons and Osprey were doing a much better job than me!), 4pm arrived meaning the end of the match and no grand slam for me. Fortunately my fellow JK team mate David Blair did the grand slam and finished 4th so we aren’t all useless!

The comp was a great success, everyone had a lovely time and we raised some money for charity so everyone is a winner 🙂