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Last week I was out everyday at the Twave on the Stillwater River. It’s just down the street from my house so I was able to get chores done and surf my ass off. Plus shoot a ton of footage from different angles.

I did end up there by myself which isn’t safe or nearly as fun but it is hard to track people down mid-week here in central Maine. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. The flows where a little high to start the week and a little low towards the end but overall it was fine.

When the flow is too high the eddy to access the wave is tough to catch so a little walk is in order. It turns out to be kind of fun also as there is a great pogo-flip rock above the wave that is really fun if you can stick it right, great practice.

Ben Morrison came up at the end of the week to paddle and we spent a few hours surfing and flipping. As the flow gets lower this wave turns sticky as the pond behind the wave is lower this spring. The wave can get a little beefy but we enjoy the thrashing.

I was there last night and am headed there today too, there was a new smaller wave I have never surfed. This spot is new to us here and just keeps handing out sick paddling sessions!