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Kristine, KC, and I decided to head down the hill to run the rapids in front of our house from the “Powerhouse to the Boat Ramp” a 1.5 mile journey through a deep gorge, some nice rapids,  beautiful waterfalls, and lots of birds and wildlife.     We made it from the put-in eddy to where the main hole is when they are generating before getting cut short due to weather…   I just happened to have my GoPro bow mount taking photos every .5 seconds and got this sweet time-lapse of KC’s reaction to the change in weather.    While KC bailed and Kristine drove him home,  we had already set shuttle, so I paddled the rest of the way down the river to my trusty Landcruiser while Kristine took KC home to a hot bath and hot chocolate.    I showed KC this video and he laughed.

Hope you like it…

A family tip:

Remember that every adventure requires an “uncertain outcome”.     Adventure by definition can be written as:  a bold, usually risky undertaking; hazardous action of uncertain outcome.

Often what seems to be a negative at the time, is a positive later…


Kristine did say that she hopes we go on a sunny day next time… 🙂