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Summer is in full swing here in Reno. Temps are rising and the water is changing. . . Time to get “water creative”. What does that mean? It’s time to take out the stand up paddleboards.

I received my SUPercharger a couple weeks ago, but this past week was the first chance I had to take it out. It was a blast. We are lucky in Reno to have two whitewater parks. One in downtown Reno, and one just down stream in Sparks. Sparks has a couple waves that are a little slower, a little flatter, and really friendly. Perfect for my first surf session.

The SUPercharger was awesome. The board is stable enough to keep beginners like myself and Casey from spending too much time swimming, yet kept Noah entertained who has had a lot more time on the water.

After a couple hours surfing, we took the traveling circus (Ruth, Noah, Casey, 2 dogs, and myself) downstream for a little river run. If you feel like you have mastered your local kayaking runs. . . do it on a SUP. The SUP changed everything. Eddylines and wave trains challenged my balance and gave me an amazing core workout.

Here is to summer.
Jessica Yurtinus