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After a very busy few weeks at work the anual Esthwaite Grand Slam kayak Match was once again upon us and the difficult decision of which lures to take for the large pike that resided in Esthwaite, my main plan of attack would be large lures mainly BullDawgs, a few jerk baits and some crank baits, that’s the pike lures sort now for trout and perch lures, an easier choice.
I arrived at Esthwaite on the Friday night and the lakes looked great, a good level in there and few signs of fish, Saturday morning couldn’t come quick enough.

The match was underway Saturday and I headed straight out with some big lures for pike in the southern part of the lake. Chucking lures over every inch of the lake nothing took. I changed over to a light six shooter lure rod and spinner baits and covered shallow areas covered in Lilly pads and again not a bite. As it goes i struggled to get a take from a pike.
Venturing up to the centre of the lake I had a go with the fly rod taking a couple of small perch, no monsters but fun on the fly non the less. That was it for the Saturday, I fished right until last light and planned on a 4am start when it first got light, most of the other lads thought it was a bit insane but a few if them were on the water with me at that time.

The second day was a beautiful morning and felt good for it, but nothing at all until lunch time when trying a quiet area of the lake, chucking a large Dawg into 10ft of water a few turns on the reel and a big pike nailed the lure shaking her head violently and rolled on the top, a very big fish indeed then it happened the hooks pulled, I was unbelievably gutted I couldn’t believe I lost what looked like a fish of a life time.

Nothing else on the lures so I went off and tried fishing worm for trout and perch, drop shotting with a single lob worm, every single drop down resulted in a perch of the same kind of size but really good fun.
By the end of the weekend I had only managed perch and a lost pike, I took the win the previous year but no where near it this year, the weekend was great fun and I can not wait till next year, big thanks go out to Sam Baxter for organising the Grand Slam.