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I have had a Jackson Big Rig for almost a year now. I have fished it in saltwater, on large lakes and in rivers with rapids. I have bow fished, fly fished and done just about anything that can be done with conventional gear out of it. I have yet to find a job that the Big Rig can’t do well. The funny thing is I actually have to relearn my normal fishing spots because of the ability to stand and fish them now. I am seeing stumps and rock piles that I have never seen before. The ability to stand all day has opened up a new problem for me when I fish out of my Big Rig. This problem is my one and only complaint with the Jackson Big Rig. So here you go, Jackson Kayak, my one complaint with the Big Rig is it makes my feet hurt from standing too much! What a problem to have though. It is so awesome to be able to stand and see a good fish follow a lure and change the presentation till they strike. The Big Rig has changed everything about the way I fish and if it means my feet hurt a little bit I will just grin and bear it.