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Took a week off work to spend time with my parents who were visiting from New Orleans.

Did a little bit of everything: shorediving looking for halibut, kayak diving off the Cruise12 for Cabezon, fishing with my Dad off a sailboat for Lingcod, fishing with my Dad and Daughter off the Cuda14 and Cruise12 for LingCod and Cabezon, wine tasting, beer tasting, BBQs, 4th of July Parade, fish fry etc etc…

Started the time off looking for halibut, but no love to be found just a big brown rockfish hiding in an old pipe.

Then I tried to go dive BigSur with but it was too rough…ended up back up close to home and harvested three small but yummy cabs for the family to eat.

One of my buddies stoked us out and took us out on his awesome sailboat! Cruised from Monterey down towards Carmel and back and my Dad caught his first ever Lingcod!!

Saturday I headed out kayak fishing with Dad and Valentina and my buddy Daniel. Ocean was super calm, but bite was slooooow…until we paddled over to Daniel…he hooked into something BIG and passed the rod right over to Valentina!!

She fought it to the surface and Dan reached down and pulled up a 23.5 inch Cabzilla!!

Dad paddled over to see the beast and have a beer, and I decided to drop a jig while we were chilling…BAM!!

Hooked up and bendo and give Valentina the rod and she fights it up and I can tell it is gonna be a nice Ling…when my Dad sees the big open mouth full of teeth poke up out of the kelp he yells out “Holy S#*t!!” LOL!!!

Dan helps me get the fish into the yak and onto the clip and Valentina is super stoked!!! She wants to stop on a high note so we paddle in.

Spent the rest of the day chilling at the beach and having fun with kids and family, and even took my dog Bacchus Zulu for a ride in the back of my Cuda14!

Last day of the vacation we took advantage of the nice weather and BBQd ribs, did the big cabby whole, had some ling filets, some sheephead sashimi and whole Ling heads….all with some cold yummy beverages.

Perfect end to a great vacation!!

Thanks for reading and looking!