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Another day, another adventure. We went out with a mothership to the outer reaches of the Roan archipelago. we went to a shelf on open water to look for bigger fish around the camp it is nice fishing but usually only smaller size fish, but still big for my standarts anyway. Per Gipling from Hongsand lodge ( took good care of us too.

Small pollack from a spot just outside Sorkrakoya Marine


In the morning we loaded the motor boat with kayaks and set off on a 20km speed drive to the outer shelf. It was my first time in such a fast boat and I was super stoked to travel at such speed. The outer shelf is accessible also from a small island, which is around 2 hour paddle from the actual shelf. But since we had the opportunity and Per Gypling from the Hongsand fishing lodge arranged the boats we made use of them as best as we could.

50hp motor boats loaded with kayaks

When we reached the shelf we quickly unloaded the kayaks and set off. 3 people were fishing from the motor boat and 2 on kayaks. This was great, if we hadnt had the kayaks we would have struggled to fish from the motor boat all 5 of us. Me and Jakub Kabat baited up and started to drift towards the shelf. I had a fillet of keller cod in 25 meters on 35 meter depth and Jakub used a whole keller.

Jakub baiting up

Very soon I heard Jakub shout out some obscenities… I heard him say he had just missed a bite on the deadbait… 15 seconds later he shouted once more, again the fish didnt take it whole. In a while I heard the cries of joy from my mate, he had a fish of his life on the line.

After a spirited fight, Jakub pulled the fish to the kayak, it was a 40 pound  (18kgs) halibut. We had little experience with landing  big fish from kayaks, but we remembered what Jim S told us in Kalrskrona and landed the fish in 2 with a gaf and my calussed kayaker s hands. I have an assist with the halibut and very happy with it.

the look on Jakub s face was incredible, his 11th time in Norwa and first bigger halibut, and from kayak 😀

For more information on Hongsand lodge contact Per Gipling +4790603581