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After the Runswick March I made arrangements to launch the following day with fellow team mate Same Baxter and two other lads, one which is a complete newby who I helped the previous day and the other a lad I have been fishing with for a while.
The wind was nice and light but unfortunately the rain wasn’t, it was coming down hard. But that was not going to stop us, suited and booted a short paddle later we were over the good ground, a nice shelf covered in kelp and deep water next to it.

I had two rods set up again the trusty pirk and string of Hokia’s on one and a jelly worm on the other with a 2oz lead onto get it down.
Starting off flicking the worm around the drop, letting it sink and work the worm along the bottom then through different depths, it did take a while but I eventually got into a Pollock which fought really well but was soon safely in the Cuda.
I tried loads to no avail and as the tide dropped off I moved to a bit deeper water and fished the pirk, first drop down I was into a small Coal fish and another and another, there was a large shoal in the area, which is when Sam tried to get some underwater footage on the go pro.

During the slack tide I managed plenty of small coal fish a couple of small codling and a couple of Mackrel, but once the tide started to run it was back to the scars and kelp beds with the jelly worm. I never managed any more fish but Sam managed a few, one of the other lads, Jon managed a cod on a jelly worm and that was it.
It is still early season for the pollock but a fun session non the less, thanks for reading, Mike