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I broke my back 4 years ago. After a year of physical therapy I was able to walk again. I still have weakness in my left leg and my left ankle only has so much movement. It was clear that I had climbed my last mountain. After trying out one of my friends kayaks on a camping trip the next summer I fell in love with paddling. Kayaking was going to be the thing that got me back outside into the wild. I spent all winter researching which boat would be best for me. I saw a lot of nice things out there, but after months of searching I knew the Jackson Journey was the boat for me. I bought mine in December and spent all winter waiting for my first trip on the water. Come April I just couldn’t wait anymore. There was still some ice on the lake down the road from my house but I headed out anyway. My fiancé and I now go out every chance we get! I love my Journey! Hopefully I’ll be able to upgrade my seat to the sweet cheeks soon so I can go for longer rides. Thanks Jackson Kayak for getting me back outside!