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Beginning of my 4 th year of kayak fishing. I have never thought be as addicted. After the first year I made the purchase of my first real kayak fishing. After a search on all available on the internet, my choice is stop on the Coosa by Jackson. I looked at least thousand times the video walkthrough of the Coosa by Drew Gregory. Since all my free time his dedicate to fishing Kayak.

2013 I decided to share my passion in Quebec about kayak fishing. by organizing a gathering for the opening of the season with only fishing kayaks. A total success, more than 25 kayakers have participate. This day was talk much and several fishermen have followed the ranks with the purchase of a fishing kayak.

This year I continued my crusade to make know the kayak fishing, especially models Jackson by buying my third kayak, the Big Rig. Once again, organizing a gathering to kayak fishing, but this time, we are talking about an Invasion because more than 70 kayakers fishermen will be present. With this event the sales of kayaks for fishing have increased more than 30% in Quebec and I am sure that kayak Jackson have followed the steps. With the purchase of my Big Rig, several friends have decided to improve their kayak fishing by purchasing a Jackson model; Cuda 14, Cuda 12, Coosa, Kilroy, Big Rig. All Jackson models for kayak fishing will be present in the Boucherville Islands, national park on May 10.

In addition to know the kayak fishing, this event will also serve to a fund-raising for solidarity of a fisherman friend where his 5-week-old boy having heart surgery.

Thanks to all Jackson readers, between two catch fish, please have a thought to a friend in need.

Hoping my translation understandable and well reflect my love of angling kayak and especially fishing kayaks Jackson.