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I am a Die-Hard Jackson Fan. And I am proud to show it . Over the 17+ years of paddling whitewater, I have gone through a lot of kayaks……too many, too embarrassing to give the total count, let’s say over 60 in my lifetime so far.

Two years ago, I decided that the only kayaks I’ve owned before, Jackson’s were the only ones that were comfortable, maneuverable, forgiving, and just fun to paddle. Since that time, I own nothing but Jackson Kayaks. A SuperFun for my River/Play, a SuperHero for creeking/winter, and a Zen 75 for attainments/river running.

Then, you had to make the Karma………… my surprise and curiosity, I started to research and demo that boat. It looked perfect…….a combination coming from the Villain and the Zen . And because I plan to retire soon, I have been downsizing a lot of personal gear/items, I figured if sold my Superhero and Zen, I would buy the Large Karma……..which I did, and now have 2 boats, instead of 3.

Now the story comes out. Everything Jackson claims the Karma can do is TRUE ! I’m on my second river, and thoroughly testing out the boat. I still can’t figure out how you did it, but this kayak is making me feel so confident and comfortable ! It literally floats superb for a big boat. Once I get in, the front doesn’t look big. When I go through a hole, I don’t get stuck. When I boof a drop, I don’t pencil in. When I surf a wave, I am in control and don’t pearl. I was doing 360’s where I usually had a hard time surfing. And the stability is phenomenal, and the secondary is just as advertised……you almost have to force yourself to flip. This model has given me new hope…..allowing me to look forward to creeks that would before then make me nervous. Now, I can’t wait to get on them and actually enjoy the ride, instead of worrying about what’s around the next bend.

Thank You ……..EJ and Staff, for allowing me to step up my game, to smile all day, to see where my next creek is, and above all else, to truly blend with the water and enjoy the camaraderie that few people get to have. This story is not for a contest, or even a kayak review. This is just me thanking you for all you have done, and to let me feel like I could be next to you on a wave, slapping a “high five”……in total control…………..

Stevie”G” aka Fantumboater