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Clay Wright's first Cockpit Experience in the Production Fun!

Today the new FUN was born!    The mold arrived and was carefully framed up, the first few boats done to dial into mold in, get the thicknesses right, get the weight right, and then BINGO!  I have a green and a red Fun in my RV heading to Canada.    There, we’ll shoot some video, take photos, and give you a feel for how this boat performs!    I already know because I paddled the prototype and worked hard with David Knight to get the exact desired performance.    David nailed it with his magic!  What is the new Fun like?


This version of the Fun is about versatility, comfort, confidence for river running, all in a very playable hull.     It is quite a bit different from the 2010 model.    It is closer to the 2007 version in terms of a high parting line and rounded stern.   It has a much better surfing hull, better knee/leg position, and improved river running characteristics.    We are only making two sizes of this boat- the FUN and the 4 Fun.


Some examples of who or when you would want a FUN.


  1. You want a very lightweight kayak, but also want a good river runner.
  2. You want to play, like surf and spin, and squirt, but don’t plan on doing lots of flat water cartwheels, and other vertical play (yes, it loops very well, and cartwheels well in holes, can do a Phonix Monkey, McNasty, and Tricky Woo if you are good enough)
  3. You don’t need a full on creek boat or heavy, big volume,  river runner for your local runs and want to have something sportier and more FUN.
  4. You want a super easy to roll kayak for practicing and teaching others.
  5. You like the looks and have to have the latest greatest kayak to show off to your friends.  🙂


I hope you are as excited as I am for this boat!   It comes in at 32 pounds, 6’10” long.


Look for the complete FUN page with all of the specs and studio photos once I get the boats I have together with Dane and/or Nick to take them and get Stephen to mask them out and James to get it all on the website!


We are making 2 sizes of this model- the Fun and the 4 Fun.     Our current 2 Fun and Super Fun will still be available.


Here are some photos of a few of the fine folks that helped turn the mold we received into a piece of art.



See you on the river!