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With the recent weather windows and a clear schedule I have had the opportunity to jump on the Big Rig and fish hard for the ever elusive big three.

For those of you that don’t know what the “Three Kings” are I will fill you in. Some call it the trinity, the holy grail and so forth… but Permit, bonefish and tarpon round out some of the most sought after fish on the face of the plant. Living in south Florida has given me the chance of chasing down these critters. It takes a special breed of person, a bit of know how and as much luck as you can muster. With calm, hot, muggy summer mornings only one thing strikes the attention of any angler in this region. Tarpon rolling in slicked out water and platoons of bonefish invading the flats as the water begins to trickle in. With a bit of know how you can intercept the path of these finicky and wary sliver missiles. If the gods are on your side you will strike pay dirt and your fly/jig will find its mark, and you will witness a spectacular sight as you watch you spool turn faster then it was really design to handle.

As the tides turn and you have wiped enough sweet to fill an 8oz water bottle you will then turn you full attention to the Silver King that roams the edge of the flats. If you enjoy watching fish leave holes in water there is no other fish that matches the elegance and strength of these fish. Now the sun is high in the horizon and the tide is flowing hard and your full attention becomes focused on the ever so witty and unpredictable Permit. This fish is probably the smartest fish I have encountered and continues to elude me. With the stealth of a ninja they creep into the flat for a brief second to devour crabs and if you are given the chance to place an offering of a crab or merkin fly you will perhaps join the ranks of the elite. If you have not experienced such a sight I recommend in this life time or the other you spend some time prowling the flats for these musicale fish.

Cheers Alex Tejeda