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The biggest fish to have been caught from a kayak was a salmon shark of an estimated 500lbs. The shark was caught outside of Alaska and was shot by the
captain of an assisting boat prior to the landing. There are also rumors of fish of a similar size being landed but without photo proof.


In the first week of September I am going on an expedition in an attempt to break that record. Together with a film crew I am going to the Norwegian island of Andörja to fish for the mythical Greenland shark. Even a small Greenland shark would double that record. Also, I will practice catch and release. The Greenland shark like all other shark has no swim bladder and if handled correctly there should be no problem releasing it unharmed. I want to do this as eco friendly as possible and a possibly 200-year-old fish shall not be killed to claim a record. There will also be a scientist present to do research on a shark rarely seen by humans.

A Greenland shark is a cold-water species that grows very slowly and lives in very deep water. The specific spot I will be fishing is 1640ft deep and I will be fishing my bait at the bottom. For bait I will use half a seal or a large, whole fish of maybe 20lbs or more. Inside of Greenland sharks they have found the carcasses of both moose and polar bears. It is a specific hole in the ocean bottom
that I will be fishing so the area is limited in size. There is just about no angling pressure either but during some field testing last year they caught a few sharks. The smallest went 952lbs and the biggest went 2422lbs. Needless to say, I am hoping for a small one. My plan is to paddle to the spot and then fish anchored up from a buoy. When I get a take I will then let go of the anchor line and wind down to the fish like
a mad man and set the hook. From there on I will fight the fish from a drifting kayak to be able to always position the front of the kayak right over the fish. After trying different kayaks I have found that the perfect kayak for this project is the Jackson BigRig.

I will be able to turn it quickly towards the fish as well as it offers the best stability there is. Jackson Kayak vas well as ABU Garcia and is helping me out with the project. With me on this trip I will have both a film crew and a photographer. We will record a thirty-minute documentary to be released for free online around Christmas. Make sure you follow the progress, as I will use this page for any updates.